Ask An Architect

We are delighted to be supporting the Ask An Architect Initiative 2019.

Ask An Architect is an unique annual event which gives you something back for your charitable donation.

Architects across Northern Ireland offer their consultation services free of charge giving advice to those considering a building or renovation project – all for a charitable donation of £40 to the Friends of the Cancer Centre in partnership with the Jill Todd Trust.

100% of all funds raised by ‘ask an architect’ support cancer research through clinical trials, thanks to your donations and our fantastic sponsors who cover administrative costs and provide critical pro bono services.

The clinical trials supported by ask an architect are research studies involving patients. Through clinical trials, doctors can find new ways to treat certain types of cancer, improve existing treatments and improve the quality of life for patients, with the ultimate aim of improving a patient’s outcome.

Portballintrea House - Anthony-16.jpg